Casino Craps Pro 3D

This deluxe casino dice game includes polished graphics, animation, sound effects and gameplay tailored to fit the iPhone and iPod Touch. Enjoy many advanced features that you won't find in any other craps app!
  • Customize table felt & rail appearance
  • Set maximum odds & starting chip amount
  • 5,000 roll history with graphs & export
  • 40+ screen interactive Craps tutorial
  • Six chip denominations (5 - 1,000)
  • Shake phone or double tap dice to roll
  • Optional dice animation & sound effects
  • Saves and restores your current game
  • Auto-collect winnings or leave in play
  • Easily bet and swipe chips out of play
  • Set bets on or off for come out roll
  • Bet payout & casino edge cheat sheets
Pro 3D ($4.99)
Available on the iPhone App Store